Welcome to the PSA


Welcome back to the new school year. The PSA held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 1st of October. The Committee members for the year ahead were selected:

Chair – Lisa Beecham

Secretary – Theresa Lansdown

Treasurer – Hayley Baker

Co- Treasurer - Francine Phillips

Publicity – Agnieszka Taylor

Parent Volunteers – Francine Phillips, Sian Nicholas, Kathleen Herlihy, Sam Williams, Claire Pearce, Jo Bradford

Staff Members – Mrs K Guest, Mrs S Christensen.

We had a great turn out with several new volunteers, this is great news as we can look at new activities for the year ahead with the additional support.

We are really looking forward to the discos, Christmas Fayre and Summer BBQ again this year and hope to see you and the children there!

Lisa Beecham



IMPORTANT REMINDER - The Malpas Park PSA is in place to raise funds for the school. We use the Facebook account to publicise PSA events, and to communicate details of the funds we raise and how we spend these funds for the school. We are happy to respond to any queries around these events and our fundraising efforts.

The administrators of the account are parent volunteers, and are not involved in the management of the school. If you have any concerns about the school management you need to contact the Head Teacher and/or the Governing Body. 
For any information about school run events, please check the school website, pass on your email address to Mrs Kindred who sends out all letters by email and hard copy, or contact the school directly. 
Any postings on the PSA's timeline which are deemed to be inappropriate will be removed by the administrators of the account. 
Thank you
Malpas Park PSA Committee