What our children say


September 2019 Year 5 children were asked "What did they like about school?"

I enjoy doing Art because it is fun and I love playing with my friends.  I like to play on the ipads and the laptops.  I like working in school and doing things like maths, literacy and Welsh.  I also like working with my teacher.  I really love school trips they are my favourite.  Seb

In school I like to do writing because I like to copy words from my book.  The things I also like in school is reading, science, literacy and maths.  Every Wednesday I like to do sports and Upbeat because it is fun.  Molly

I enjoy coming to school because Ilove doing Art.  I like to play with my frineds and to helping my teacher.  I love outdoor learning.  Sienna

I like doing PE because it's fun and I can get fit - it's amazing.  I like doing Art because  it's fun and I can get better at it.  I like doing Christmas productions because I always get a good part.  Alfie

I have a lot of things I enjoy in school.  I like painting because I'm good at it and love water colours.  My favourite thing is coming to school and seeing all of the teachers because they help us a lot.  I love to come to school and to see all of my frineds and hanging about with them.  Brooke

The things I like to do in school are sciernce, PE and going on school trips.  I like to go to school on a Monday because we do PE.  I also like doing partner work, Upbeat and sports.  Isobel

I love the school especially doing the school plays at Christmas time.  I like working with other pupils in the school.  I also like doing ICT and school trips as I have lots of fun and I love learning new thing off our teacher Miss Gillard.  Hannah

These are the things that I love to do in school.  The first things is school trips because it is fun to explore.  The second thing is school productions because I find it fun - acting.  The last one is playing with my friends because they are all amazing.  Emily

I like doing rugby, English, Maths and Welsh.  My two favourites are cricket and football because they are really fun.  I enjoy Art, playing with my friends, doing PE and the daily mile.  Joseph

I enjoy going to school because I love going on school trips because I love to explore.  I love doing PE and the daily mile because we end up doing games at the end.  I also enjoy doing Art because I love to be creative.  Belle

I like coming to school to go on school trips because we always have a brilliant time.  I also love ICT because you can do really awesome things on the ipads and laptops.  I love PE because I'm good at gymnastics and I really like my teacher Miss Gillard.  Isla

When I come to school I look forward to doing History and Geography because I find it interesting.  I also like doing work in IT because it is fun.  I also like playing on the field with my friends.  Ben

I like PE because it is fun, I like playing with my friends, I like maths and I like my teacher.  I like school because it is fun.  Lily

In school I like to work on the laptops and the ipads.  I also like to do Art with water colours.  When we did construction Ethan, Alfie and I made a dragon in his cave.  Rhion

I really love to build like connecting with two batteries and making light bulbs light up. I like doing Art, it's just calming.  I also like school trips it's really exciting.  Ethan

I like doing Art with water colours.  I like to come to school to do PE to keep me healthy.  I also like to come to school to do maths.  Ollie

I like doing exercises in PE, outdoor education with a sheet that has objects on it.  I also love to go on school trips with my friends, I like doing partner work and I love maths.  Jamie

I like all of the lessons in class but if I had to pick three I would go for:  schools trips, more Welsh but most of all I love my teacher.  Lily

My favourite subject in school is maths and seeing my teacher.  I like to come into school to see my friends, to do new things and to challenge myself.  Krystal

The things I like in school are school trips, doing PE and the daily mile.  I also like history and geography because I like to know about the past.  Finally I love doing stuff on the laptops and ipads because I love technology.  Dev

Things that I love doing in school are playing wth my best friends, going on school trips and doing school plays every year.  Lisa

In school I enjoy doing maths because when you grow up you'll be asked questions about maths in university.  I love doing Art because I'm a very creative person and I believe that one day I will become a famous artist.  I like doing PE and the daily mile as these keep me fit and I like playing with my friends.  Alexander


September 2019 - Year 2 children were asked "What did they like about school?"

We can do lots of painting at Malpas Park.  Ruby

I like to learn by playing in the role play!  Imogen



Come to Malpas Park because it is a good school!  Darcie



I love creating things out of Lego and blocks.  James

I like using my imagination school!  Albie

I like Malpas Park because I like doing work and that is wonderful!  Ryan


I like playing in school because it is fun!  Joshua



I like playing with my best friends!  Alfie


I like school as I have friends who help me!  Daniel


I like it because I am starting to do good in my spellings  Ezmee



I like my work because I get better and better!  Luisa


I love playing football and doing my writing work.  Niall



I like having lunch because it is yummy and I am with my friends!  Logan


I like playing with my friends and I like it when we make stuff!  Hadyn


I love reading and writing because it is my favourite thing to do and you get a good education here!  Sophia


I like to learn new words and new things!  Seren



I like doing work because it is fun!  Harri


I like to learn new things!  Max


I really like playing with my best friends!  Ellie-May


School is good because I have a nice time!  Jared


I like dinner time because I like the dinners!  Jacob


Sept 2018 - Year 5 pupils were asked for their opinions of school.