What our children say


 Y5 pupils were asked what they liked about school?


# The kind and fair teachers so when I grow up I’ll be very smart so that I can get a job.


# The amazing and fun indoor and outdoor things we do with sie and Miss Gillard.




# I like maths and English because I am really good at it.


# Also I like going outside fior lessons with Miss Gillard.




I enjoy doing history and I love to do fun activities outside with Miss Gillard so that I can learn how to look after all the little creatures and their habitats.




I like to be with my friends and do art with my teacher Mr Goodbody.




I like to see new friends and people and I like to do maths.






# I like school because it is fun and I love doing all the work.


# School is fun because I get to spend time with my friends and Mrs Shepherd, Mr Goodbody and Miss Gillard.








I like to do maths in school and enjoy school trips (I loved Legoland the most), making new friends, subjects, art and Fridays.






I like doing any subject and doing music and going outside with Miss Gillard.






I like the teachers and I love maths.






I like maths and also the visitors.






I like all of the fair and helpful teachers and I enjoy learning.


Ruby S




# I like doing experiments when you have to make an estimation.


# I also like it when we dress up for special occasions.






# The things I like about school is that the teachers are fair.


# We also get to have fun, educational, exciting lessons.






# What I like about school is the free time.


# I like the swimming lessons.






I enjoy learning so that when I’m older I will be smart and because the teachers are delightful.  I also like the fact that during lessons you are entitled to work and interact with other pupils.






# I like learning science and outdoor and indoors.


# What I also like is making new friends.






I enjoy school when teachers give me hard maths and when visitors come in to entertain us.






I like learning subjects like maths and art.  I also like going outside with Miss Gillard on a Tuesday






# I like teachers being fair like Miss Gillard.


# I also like doing outside activities and the hot chocolate at the end of the day.






# My opinion is that I like the morning so we can go to assembly and practise our singing so that we can learn how to sing different songs.  My favourite song is Autumn Days.


# The other thing I like is reading a book, who doesn’t like a book, because you can take yourself to anywhere you want if you read a book.






# I like school because we get to go outside with Miss Gillard and do a lot of activities and after we get hot chocolate.


# School is fun because you get to make new friends like when I first came to this school and I met Lexi.  I also love to learn about things like at the moment we are learning about Roald Dahl.


Seren C




# I like it when Mr Goodbody reads a story and acts the characters with funny voices.


# I like it when Miss Gillard takes us outside to search for mini beasts.





 Some of our nursery children were asked to say what they liked about nursery:


Max "I like the animal toys and I like the baby panther."



Ellie "I like playing outside with all the bikes, I like the blue one the best."



Chester "I love playing super heroes the best."



Seren "I love coming to nursery so I can do drawings."



Luisa "I like washing up with Mrs Francis."



Eben "Mrs Waters is my favourite teacher."



Alfie "I like painting the Big Friendly Giant."



Isabelle "I like dressing up as a princess."