Anti-Bullying Policy


"At Malpas Park Primary School our purpose is to provide a secure, supportive and inspirational environment where every individual is valued and enabled to achieve their full potential.  A care and respect for the community and their wider environment is instilled along with the development of flexible and transferable skills for life-long learning.  At our school we make a difference together.”


Bullying is an insidious social problem found in many occupations and walks of life.  In the school environment it can be found amongst children and adults.  As a result, it is important to ensure that we have structures and procedures to prevent, if possible, all bullying.  Ultimately we are all responsible for ensuring the development of a caring and supportive ethos and this involves the encouragement of positive social behaviour.

‘Kidscape’ a charitable organisation dedicated to attempting to eradicate bullying identifies the following:

Physical bullying

Pushing, kicking, hitting, pinching, any form of violence, threats

Verbal bullying

Name-calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours, persistent teasing

Emotional bullying

Tormenting, threatening, ridicule, humiliation, exclusion from groups or activities

Racist bullying

Racial taunts, graffiti or inappropriate gestures

Sexual bullying

Unwanted physical contact or abusive comments

Cyber bullying

Posting nasty pictures or messages about others on blogs, websites, or social media; pretending to be someone else or producing a fake profile; spreading rumours on social networking sites; sending harassing text messages or emails

The Head Teacher is responsible for promoting high standards of behaviour and effective discipline in-line with policy guidelines and general disciplinary rules.  There are four main elements to these disciplinary rules:

  • ·   Promote self-discipline and due regard for authority among pupils;
  • ·   Encourage high standards of behaviour and respect for others to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the prevention of all forms of bullying among pupils;
  • ·   Ensure pupils’ standard of behaviour is acceptable;
  • ·   Regulate pupils’ conduct.

This policy operates in conjunction with the school’s Discipline Procedure and the Home School Agreement implemented in September 2011.  Everyone at the school has a legal duty to take measures to prevent all forms of bullying among pupils.

At Malpas Park Primary School we attempt to do all we can to eradicate any form of bullying. There will, however, always be occasions when incidents occur and they will have to be dealt with on an individual basis.  We will not tolerate bullying in any form and are totally committed to:

  • Reducing and hopefully eradicating all instances in which pupils are subjected to bullying in any form.
  • Establish positive after-care should incidents of bullying occur.
  • Ensure that all pupils and staff are aware of the policy and fulfil their obligations to it.
  • Meet any legal obligations that rest with the school.

At Malpas Park Primary School bullying is defined as "behaviour by one or more people which is intentional, regular and produces damaging or hurtful effects physically or emotionally to an individual who maybe powerless to prevent the situation taking place.” 

At our school:-

  • Bullying is unacceptable, regardless of how it is delivered or what excuses are given to justify it
  • We recognise the detrimental effect on pupils who may be subjected to bullying and will work actively to minimise the risks
  • When our awareness is raised, victims of bullying will be treated in a supportive manner
  • The harmful effect on pupil performance which can be occasioned by bullying is recognised and the school is committed to combating all bullying behaviour

Dealing with Bullying

The Head Teacher and staff actively work throughout the year to give the un-acceptance of bullying within our school a high profile.  This is achieved through the lessons taught via morning assembly, the Personal and Social Education programme of work which operates throughout the school, our annual involvement in the national Anti-bullying Week and the work of the School and Eco Council.  This is in addition to the reinforcement of expectation by all members of staff during the daily running of the school.

Through the school’s Discipline Procedure any incidents of inappropriate behaviour by the bully will be identified, monitored and managed accordingly.

Discipline Procedure

The school’s new procedure for discipline was introduced in September of 2011, it is followed rigorously and the parents each receive a copy at the beginning of the Autumn Term in support of the Home School Agreement. The procedure is outlined below.

If any pupil displays negative behaviour which goes against the rules of the classroom or of the whole school staff will:-

  • Warn the child and use positive reinforcement of expected behaviour. 
  • If the same behaviour persists, they will insist upon the child sitting away from the main group for ten minutes (carpet area, chair outside the classroom, on a bench if the lesson is in the hall or the class are involved in outside activities).
  • If the child has been removed from the group this will be recorded in the class Behaviour File by the class teacher.
  • Once a child has three entries of negative behaviour incidents recorded in the Behaviour File, the child, the Behaviour File and a Detention Card showing the child’s name must be sent to the Detention Co-ordinator.  Parents will be notified via letter that a period of detention has been carried out.
  • Child attends a period of detention during lunchtime on Friday where they will be expected to complete their class work.
  • Following this, if there is a further infringement of expected behaviour, the above procedure is to be carried out again.  In addition to the period of detention however, the Detention Co-ordinator along with the classteacher will ask to see the parent/s or guardians.  The Headteacher will be informed of this meeting.
  • If there is further incident, the Headteacher will send home a letter, requesting parents/guardians to come to school and discuss the behaviour of their child.
  • Any further incident will involve sanctions being carried out by the Head Teacher in line with the Local Authority’s suspension and exclusion procedures.

In an emergency situation, the child is to be sent to the DHT/HT.  If there child refuses to do as instructed, the DHT/HT will be sent for and other children removed from the situation if deemed appropriate.

In the unfortunate event that at the end of this procedure bullying is identified, as defined in this policy, the following action will take place:-

  • Intervention interviews will take place between the Head Teacher and all those individuals involved.  This includes the victim, the bully and any bystanders.
  • Details of the incidents will be outlined and recorded by the Head Teacher.
  • The Class Teacher and all relevant Support Staff will be immediately informed of the situation and immediate monitoring of behaviour put into place.
  • The parents of both victim and bully (bullies) will be asked to meet with the Head Teacher separately to discuss the situation and determine the way forward.
  • Specific roles and responsibilities, both at staff and pupil level, will be agreed, behaviour monitored and appropriate after-care delivered for the remainder of the term. This is likely to incorporate the use of logical consequences to deny the bully privileges, the use of a restorative approach (if favoured by both parties) and peer support for the victim.
  • The outcome of the above meetings will be recorded by the Head Teacher.
  • A coherent system of monitoring by the Head Teacher will be in place to continually review the situation and report back to parents weekly or more regularly if deemed necessary.
  • All staff will be informed of the situation and reminded of the school’s policy to enable them to become part of the system of monitoring.
  • Further preventative measures such as examining the school environment, will take place and if necessary altered to minimise the risk of bullying taking place.
  • At the next School and Eco Council meeting the fact that an incident of bullying has taken place will be discussed and recorded with the Council Members determining the next appropriate course of preventative action in-line with their responsibilities.  The names of the victim and the bully will not be used during discussion.
  • The Head Teacher will remain in close contact with the children and their parents throughout this period of monitoring so that the situation can be continually reviewed and hopefully resolved.

Individual Responsibilities

It is important that pupils recognise the difficulties staff may encounter in ensuring the Bullying Policy can be effectively introduced and enforced.  In this regard pupils are expected to:

  • report all incidents of bullying using the procedures in place;
  • act in a respectful and supportive manner to their fellow pupils, reporting any suspected incidents which the victim may be afraid to report;
  • refrain at all times from any behaviour which could be seen as bullying of fellow pupils

Parents too can play a vital role by:-

  • stressing to pupils that everyone at school has a right to be safe
  • stressing to pupils the importance of sociable behaviour;
  • reporting any misgivings they have concerning either victims or perpetrators of bullying;
  • actively endorsing and supporting the school policy and procedures as outlined in the Home School Agreement.

This policy is a working document and as such it will be periodically updated and reviewed.

Ultimate responsibility for its implementation rests with the Head Teacher and Governing Body.  However, it is important to remember that all staff, pupils and parents have an active part to play both in the solution to any incidents of bullying and in the development and maintenance of it.

At Malpas Park Primary School, the ultimate aim is to provide a learning environment free of any threat or fear, thus being conducive to the attainment of individual aspirations. The criteria and procedures outlined in our policy are aimed at preventing unsocial behaviour rather than attempting to deal with it when it happens.  A few years ago any school devoting time to bullying would have been felt to have had a bullying problem.  Today, any school not devoting time to bullying is likely to have a bullying problem.

Useful Addresses

The Advisory Centre for Education   1B, Aberdeen Studios; 22, Highbury Grove, LONDON, N5 2EA.

Get Connected - Tel: 0800 096 0086 (free confidential helpline for young people)

Kidscape   2, Grosvenor Gardens, LONDON, SW1W 0DH.Tel: 020 7730 3300

If, after the school’s procedures for dealing with bullying have been operational and parents remain dissatisfied that the situation has been resolved, it is recommended that they make a formal, written complaint to:-

Mrs S Parry,

Chair of Governing Body,

Malpas Park Primary School,

Wavell Drive,



NP20 6LE.

Date agreed:  February 2013

Date to be reviewed:  February 2016

Mrs Kate Guest _________________________ Head Teacher

Mrs Sian Parry ________________   Chairperson of the Governing Body

October 2012