Year 6 Leavers 2020

A reminder for parents that you are able to download the PDFs, save and print if you so wish.

Each year I produce PDFs for parents mainly as a memento of pupils during Y6, however I also include a few others.  One PDF I normally produce is of the children when they were small/young plus photographs of the children outside of school e.g. taking part in hobbies, on holidays, family gathering, pupils with friends etc.

If you have photographs that you would like me to include you may send them electronically to me Clicking Here or you may send them into school, clearly marked with you child's name and I will scan them and return them to school, usually the following day.  I will, of course, take care of any photographs that you may send in.

I require any photographs to be with me no later than Tuesday 25th February (the second day back after the Half Term Holidays).  Any items received after this date will not be included.

Thank you.  Paul.

08.04.20 Good afternoon with the current position regarding COVID-19 the photographic items I normally produce as mementoes of MPPS are sadly going to be reduced this year.  Obviously the situation changes from day to day but currently I have produced the following items but they will NOT be available to download just yet. I will put messages on here as and when each goes lives on the website.  Thank you.  Paul.

13.04.20 The date and the title of the pdf when they go live will appear here, then just scroll down to the appropriate image and click.  Thank you.

Date and item that has gone live:

18.04.20 Here's a teaser - Photographs from some of the Events autumn and spring 2019/2020

19.06.20  Through the years the class of 2020, How we looked at the start of Y6, Groups Part One, Groups Part Two, Groups Part Three, How we looked when younger Part One, How we looked when younger Part Two, How we looked when younger Part Three, How we looked when younger Part Four, The babies.

14.07.20 A new meaning to "bubbles" water fight.