School Development Plan

(See below for the school's Professional Development Plan)


Our School Development Plan 2019-2020 include the following priorities:

·         Improve standards across the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 especially;

a)   in Mathematics (Number Skills)

b)   in literacy and numeracy

c)    for those children who are vulnerable such as those eligible for free school meals, those who experience adversity and those who are More-able

Additionally, provide pupils with timely and appropriate verbal, written and digital feedback that moves their learning forward.

·         Curriculum Reform:

School as a Learning Organisation; embed continuous engagement in research and Critical Collaborative Professional Enquiry (CCPE) to secure relevant professional learning and facilitate fluid, improving pedagogy and classroom practice

Embed the digital skills demanded by both the Digital Competence Framework (DCF) and the subsequent Science and Technology Area of Learning and Experience (AoLE) within the new Curriculum for Wales 2022.

(This will enable our pupils to succeed in the ever-changing digital world. Elements such as programming, problem solving, online behaviour, building a device, online collaboration and the use of a range of digital hardware and software will require increasing emphasis across the curriculum)

·         Embed the application of Welsh Second Language and Welsh Heritage across the school

·         Provide further opportunities to promote, develop and enhance and monitor the health and wellbeing of all pupils and staff

·         Promote the application of numeracy and reasoning skills across the curriculum through Continuous Provision, Outdoor Learning and the introduction of STEM and STEAM activities

Professional Development Plan PDF - please click here