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Hello Parents and Guardians!
As we are about to embark upon the eleventh week of the school being closed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, a much longer period than any of us had anticipated, the teachers and I would like to share our thoughts with the children.
When you have a quiet moment, it would be much appreciated if you could take the time to visit the school's website to access the letters and share them with your child or children.
Best wishes,
Kate Guest

Please click on the title/s below to view the letter/s.  All letters are in PDF format.  Thank you.

A letter to the whole school

A letter to Nursery

A letter to Reception

A letter to Year 1

A letter to Year 2

A letter to Year 3

A letter to Year 4

A letter to Year 5

A letter to Year 6

The ‘Rhod reads your story’ came sbout after there was a TV article on famous people reading children’s stories during lockdown. A very speculative Facebook message was sent to Rhod Gilbert, asking him to read the winning entries of a Malpas Park writing competition. Amazingly Rhod agreed. KS2 were then tasked with writing a 500 word story on the topic of ‘Freedom’; we thought this was an apt title during these strange days of lockdown. The entries we had back were incredible and made the judging very difficult. In the end there were 2 very deserving winners; Zach Williams (Year 4) and Matthew Richardson (Year 3). Rhod read their stories and videoed them for us to share. It is a unique prize and has inspired the pupils of Malpas Park to write for a real and stunning purpose. So well done to everyone that entered, well done and a huge Thank You to Rhod for doing this and well done to the 2 winners. Maybe, we can do something similar soon.




                           Zack Williams                                          Matthew Richardson